Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shopping and near enough accomplishments

Thursday nights = late night shopping nights. I walked briskly to the city, kidding myself by saying I wasn't going to spend any money...I was just going for the exercise. However, on entering Primark I found a few things I couldn't leave behind. This military style dress is too cool, and is reminiscent of my earlier youth. I was the only ten year old girl I knew who wanted to join the army and only ever wanted khaki coloured t-shirts.  
I loved these shoes too...and even though the heel is higher than I'm used to, they're more comfortable than a lot of shoes I've worn before. Plus, I'm doing all sorts of things I've not done extra hot chili, wear shorts outside of doors, leave for work without a a coat...I might as well add high(ish) heels to my increasing list of achievements... 

I've got to stop buying stuff...I've been wracked with guilt over the immense spending of monies just lately. And we have three very big holidays to save for...

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