Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Sunday

We woke up in our bed this morning, and it was just before eleven. It was late, but since it's customary, Lee brought me my tea and Netty. I love Sunday mornings, lazy in bed, frizzy haired and bleary eyed with a hot cuppa tea.
After showering and dressing we got ourselves together enough to leave the apartment and go out into the city. We had no reason to, no where to go to and nothing to do. So we had some lunch at Nandos and drank some beer at Kelly's, McHughs and the Rockies. 
Okay, so I don't know why...and I don't need a reason, but I like the reflective walls of the Royal Mail building. It's a fairly prominent building in the city. And now, we're immortalized in it. The ugliest building in the city.
Lazy Sunday afternoon pints at Kelly's. 

I love the city and I'm starting to feel it more how I'll miss it. Surging hormones, or plummeting, whatever it is they're doing, aren't helping the matter. 

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