Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We went South, West a bit, then East

We left the apartment fairly early on Friday morning and drove down South to the Republic. The car was laden with camping equipment which I first thought was too much, but was later thankful for...I'd have been okay with just the tent and the sleeping bags (so I thought).
We pitched our tent just outside the pretty village of Adare and set up our home for the next three nights and four days. Adare is beautiful, exactly what the website promised. All thatched cottages, ivy covered with flowers in the gardens and in pots everywhere.
We spent time in the bars, drinking pints and watching the football.
The Cliffs of Moher. It was windy, but it added to the atmosphere. The cliffs and surrounding scenery are lovely. I love the field lined roads with cows and sheep and stone walls.
We spent more time than we'd have liked to in Limerick. Mostly, I was trying to think up clever Limericks about the city...all I could come up with was...We went to Limerick City...and found it fairly shitty...
Actually, I'm rather afraid to diss Limerick or it's inhabitants, just in case someone decides to come get me. Really, the state of the place and some of the people at the concert. My goodness...
Dublin, however, was wonderful. A total contrast to Limerick, a pleasure to be in. A happy and colourful place :)
Trinity College
O'Connell Monument
We detoured past Carlingford on our way back home. We stopped and had our supper at Dan's Cafe in the town centre to use up our left over Euros. We shared toasties for dinner, then left Carlingford for home.
The concert (the actual reason for going away) was pretty good. Alabama 3, Seasick Steve, David Gray and Bob Dylan. Old Bob was looking frail and he surprised us by singing more songs we knew than expected. But made them pretty hard to sing along with...even harder 'cos I don't really know all the words...

The time away was needed and I'm thankful to have to seen the South. My curiosity has been satisfied. I loved the small villages, the green, the pretty old buildings and castles, the Guinness, the bars and the dodgy roads. To quote Lee "these are real Irish roads now, it's all a lot of shit". Ireland's great...but I have a new appreciation for the North. 

And I think I know why that is...

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