Monday, 30 August 2010

Sunday Dylan Fest - was totally worth the fiver in

They picked the coldest and windiest day for this Dylan Fest but we pushed through the freezing temperature and sat outside with our pints and appreciated some Bob. But when most of it was over, we raced inside to the warmth to get a table and a seat.

Carri-Ann engraving our intials inside a heart on the table. That's mine and Lee's initials...

Saturday, 28 August 2010

BBC Reading Fest

So, I'm aware this is kinda sad...I got really excited about the Libertines reuniting and playing at Reading and Leeds, only we couldn't be there.

Instead, we watched in our living room with a bottle of Prosecco and I took pictures and bopped in front of the telly. We sang along and cheered every song and I imagined how I'd probably have gotten cranky and claustrophobic and would have had to move away to the side of the stage, 20 minutes in to the concert.
These guys just make me think about how cool it'd have been to be a be skinny and messy and drink beer and not give a damn.

Getting ready for home

I took my dungarees back, and straight afterwards, saw a young pretty girl walk past wearing almost the same pair. They looked good, but then she was around ten years younger than me. That's something I'm going to struggle with...the getting older Karen :( Damn my twenty nine years!
It's three weeks today that we'll be flying to South Africa and we're pretty organized with our itinerary and our pre-holiday shopping. I got these choccies for Nola (I can put this up, 'cos she never reads my blog anyway). It's beyond me why you can't find Fair Trade in S.A.

Friday, 27 August 2010

It's okay

Yesterday morning Lee was up at half five to get the very early train to Dublin. He woke me to say goodbye and give me a hot water bottle and to tell me that he’d made me a sandwich and put some strawberries and grapes in a plastic container for my lunch.
Bless him.

It's almost the end of a really kak week (and a half). Thank goodness for the long weekend approaching!

Also, I haven't had a chance yet to return my dungaree shorts, I will this weekend though. Who'd have thought that so many people had such deep rooted issues with dungarees? I think they look lovely on Felicity Kendal in 'The Good Life'. Ah well.

Anyway...I must be off to have some needles stuck in me...they want to take away my blood.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dungarees - I need your help

No, really, I actually do need it...

Things were so much easier when I had Noleen to dress me before going anywhere, like, proper dress me because I couldn't figure anything out that wasn't a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, multiple straps confuse me and I never know what goes with what.

So anyway, I went shopping and I found these cute little (like, size 8 little) dungarees. I've seen them in a fair few shops, so I'm assuming they're making a come back? I had to try them on. And then I had to buy them too.

Chatting with a friend a few weeks ago, it turns out I'm not the only one who takes pictures in the change rooms, but we both thought it was probably not allowed but neither of us could decide why that would be.
The first thing Lee said was 'Aaw, you like like Kylie Minoque, like, back in 1985'.

I think they're cute. Please VOTE on the side so I know if I should keep 'em. Ffanks.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


This is a bit overdue. So I've selected some pictures from the Saturday night before the Wednesday that we married...way back in April...

An impromptu lunch at the KFC! Fionnuala.
Dinner at Two Taps across from the Merchant
Michelle, Leanne and me
This picture is called 'Hen on the floor', while everyone looks on.
Me, sister-in-law Kerri and mother-in-law Sheena
Dancing Hen. Check them moves...I dance like a dork.
Posing hen, asleep standing
A boy infiltrates our group 

Clearly, I am running out of things to write about, and sadly, I am not imaginative to come up with anything new (or remotely interesting). Ah well, I might as well regurgitate old stuff for a while, at least until some inspiration strikes.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A picture of a clock

I took this when we were in Dublin last month. 

Which reminds me, I mustn't forget to pick up my watch and wedding bracelet from Joseph Reas on the weekend. Which also reminds me that I never did post anything about my hen party...

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some left over summer

A sunny bench in our 'front garden'
Last night went on until after three o'clock, but somehow, by half nine, I managed to be up and dressed and functioning. I'm so hardcore in fact, that now, at almost eleven, I'm pretty coherent and well. It was a productive weekend, I cleaned, we shopped and we lunched out a fair bit too, which is always awesome.

We had another Sunday lunch at the Mourne Seafood Bar, lovely fresh fish on beans and potato with the customary Whitewater Oyster Stout...mmmmh. (Mourne is a little more to the right)

We bought more holiday clothes and I found a new 'boy bag' to possibly replace my increasingly more tatty bag I carry with me.

Thirty four days until South Africa!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bits of an afternoon

I'm starting to think it's nicer to get up early on the weekend, instead of wasting it all in bed. I never thought that would be something I'd admit to.
We had a pint at Kelly's and lunch at Nandos before stopping in at Direct Wine Shipments for a bottle of which time I was starting to feel queasy again and worried about projectile vomiting at DWS...we're still trying to recover from the last time when I fainted at a wine tasting evening there. Chucking up my hot quarter chicken and side salad would have been too embarrassing.
On a positive note, this dieting and being ill for most of the week is paying off. Jeans that used to be skin tight and cutting off blood circulation now fit quite loosely, I can even lift my legs without cutting myself in half. Which surely counts for something.

I feel skinny, oh so skinnnny...

Friday, 13 August 2010

The Thirteenth (A Friday)

It was particularly uneventful. Work is still slow due to some 'corrupt data' in our Sage, leaving not a whole lot I could do. So I surfed, I chatted and I would have snacked too, if I still didn't feel so damn puke-y. I also found out the hard way that the toilet is still blocked. I might even call that a highlight. But there are lines, and when it comes to over share, sometimes I'm not really sure where that line is, so I wont go into any detail on that*.

The air was still thick with tension and animosity and I was waiting (at a distance) for it to all kick off. I was very thankful for my calm office and refined and polite colleagues ('cept for the boys on the other side of the glass)...

And this evening and weekend? We have no plans but to relax. To drink ale and wine and to sleep.

*But feel free to e-mail me if you'd really like to know more.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I need a puke face emoticon

I kind of feel like I should be putting something up here, not out of duty or obligation, but because I like to. However, I'm far too sickly for that tonight, and will, most likely be tomorrow too.

I'm not feeling inspired, witty, profound or frivolous...bilious most accurately describes the way I am right now. Liverish is a pretty good description too. As is just plain puke-y.

So, sod everything, I have my comfy hoody on and a blanket on the couch where I should be right now.


Sunday, 8 August 2010


I love the cobbled alleys and the pints o' Guinness outside pretty pubs.

I'm making up for a whole week of not blogging, in a day ;)

Some Belfast

I took some random pictures walking back to the docks from the Botanic Gardens. No reason, just some city.

A food festival at the Botanic Gardens

This is where we were this weekend, at the Belfast Taste and Music Festival at the Botanic Gardens. It was packed and the sun shone and I could have gotten away with wearing shorts.
Restaurants from Belfast had a stand where you could swap your tokens for small meals, prettily presented in clear plastic bowls. 
The Merchant had small tea boxes for eight tokens each, filled with pretty sample sized cakes, which we didn't get because we're still avoiding puddings and sweets (Maldives and swimwear in 10 weeks or so...)  We ate lamb from James Street South and Duck from Balloo and something fishy from the Mourne Seafood Bar. 
Pretty Botanic Gardens 
And now we're just lazing, I'm on my third cup of tea and we've been up less than an hour. I might dress myself and see what can be done with this day...soon.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Idle amusements - a weekend

Weekends go too fast. Yesterday, after we (more me, actually) got over being exceedingly lazy...ah no, the sentence isn't even going anywhere...because even after we got over our (my) lazy, we still didn't do anything. I think at some point in the day, we just accepted it. Not that we're usually exciting, of course.

We drank wine and watched the Blind Side, cinema style in a darkened living room with the couch swung around directly in front of the telly.
Our weekend treat was lunch at the Mourne Seafood Bar in the city centre. It's my favorite restaurant in Belfast, so far. That and the Merchant anyway. We got there early and milled around outside with the others waiting to get's the place to be.

On the way we passed by the John Hewitt. It's become customary to go by, but it's never open on a Sunday, only on some occasions, but you never know, so we go by, just in cases.
And that's where she is, just across the road.
And just further along are some more colourful murals.
I love the murals, the ones of a more friendly nature...not so much the balaclava-ed men with machine guns. That's not friendly at all. 

I wore my new dress, and I felt kind of rock star :)