Saturday, 14 August 2010

Bits of an afternoon

I'm starting to think it's nicer to get up early on the weekend, instead of wasting it all in bed. I never thought that would be something I'd admit to.
We had a pint at Kelly's and lunch at Nandos before stopping in at Direct Wine Shipments for a bottle of which time I was starting to feel queasy again and worried about projectile vomiting at DWS...we're still trying to recover from the last time when I fainted at a wine tasting evening there. Chucking up my hot quarter chicken and side salad would have been too embarrassing.
On a positive note, this dieting and being ill for most of the week is paying off. Jeans that used to be skin tight and cutting off blood circulation now fit quite loosely, I can even lift my legs without cutting myself in half. Which surely counts for something.

I feel skinny, oh so skinnnny...

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