Sunday, 1 August 2010

Idle amusements - a weekend

Weekends go too fast. Yesterday, after we (more me, actually) got over being exceedingly lazy...ah no, the sentence isn't even going anywhere...because even after we got over our (my) lazy, we still didn't do anything. I think at some point in the day, we just accepted it. Not that we're usually exciting, of course.

We drank wine and watched the Blind Side, cinema style in a darkened living room with the couch swung around directly in front of the telly.
Our weekend treat was lunch at the Mourne Seafood Bar in the city centre. It's my favorite restaurant in Belfast, so far. That and the Merchant anyway. We got there early and milled around outside with the others waiting to get's the place to be.

On the way we passed by the John Hewitt. It's become customary to go by, but it's never open on a Sunday, only on some occasions, but you never know, so we go by, just in cases.
And that's where she is, just across the road.
And just further along are some more colourful murals.
I love the murals, the ones of a more friendly nature...not so much the balaclava-ed men with machine guns. That's not friendly at all. 

I wore my new dress, and I felt kind of rock star :)


  1. I drive up and down there every day and have never noticed the murals!!!
    Though they are great

  2. The Guinness-y ones are down an alley, on the way to the Duke Of York :)