Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some left over summer

A sunny bench in our 'front garden'
Last night went on until after three o'clock, but somehow, by half nine, I managed to be up and dressed and functioning. I'm so hardcore in fact, that now, at almost eleven, I'm pretty coherent and well. It was a productive weekend, I cleaned, we shopped and we lunched out a fair bit too, which is always awesome.

We had another Sunday lunch at the Mourne Seafood Bar, lovely fresh fish on beans and potato with the customary Whitewater Oyster Stout...mmmmh. (Mourne is a little more to the right)

We bought more holiday clothes and I found a new 'boy bag' to possibly replace my increasingly more tatty bag I carry with me.

Thirty four days until South Africa!


  1. i like your pics! they're much fun. are you a saffa? (sorry if it's obvious info somewhere on your blog. i'm a little tired and have had a little too much to drink. and too much chocolate. but i'm sure it's mostly the liquor. and i watched i love you phillip morris (sp?) so i'm a little fuzzy brained. and i smoked a few ciggies. don't tell a soul (hey this is fun, it's like confessional. only not.))

  2. Thank you Dorothy, and I'm glad you could get all of that off your chest ;) It sounds as though you've had a pretty good evening...
    I am South African, yes. *Another* South African in the UK.