Friday, 17 September 2010

We're off!

We're all packed and ready for our early morning departure. Next time I write, it'll be from my ma and pa's in Brackenhurst...where it's HOT and dry and a barbecue is waiting. Don't hate me.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Not quite a pub crawl

A meeting of work people and friends at Kelly's Cellars to 'say goodbye' to Craig. We drank Guinness and talked shit and laughed and laughed. It was a pretty awesome night.
I found these on the way to the car park and thought them too pretty not to photograph.

I haven't much to say this evening, except that I'm tired and probably a bit smelly. It's not very nice, so I'm heading for the shower.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Merchant Sunday

As has become customary, Sunday was 'Funday'. This is Aidans idea, this Sunday Funday, and I'm rather upset at the thought of leaving Belfast and not having too many more of these days! This particular Sunday, we went all out.

Aidan and Carri-Ann arrived at the apartment for half one and were met with glasses of champagne. We got a taxi ride to the Merchant where we sat in the bar and drank cocktails until we were ready to go for our lunch at three.
We feasted and drank wine and and then we drank tea and had pudding and then more cocktails in the Merchant bar!

And then when we couldn't justify staying any longer at the Merchant, we walked down the road to the Garrick and met more friends with more drinks and then a DJ and some bad dancing and talking to strangers at other tables!
We had the best weekend in Belfast! And we stayed up until early in the morning, just listening to music on the laptop and singing and dancing over Belfast, admiring our view before we leave it for Ballymena. I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would today, mostly I was struggling because I'm already so much in holiday mode. Saturday, we fly for Johannesburg...I'm going crazy with the excitement!
I found this amusing.

The Doors are Alive!

The tickets where part of my birthday present in June. Saturday night came around and it was time to go watch the Doors Alive play at Spring and Airbrake in the city centre. We supper-ed on Nandos and a shared bottle of wine before heading down the street and getting some beer and waiting for the band.
They were really really good!! And they played Five to favourite. They even managed to change Lee's opinion, though he still thinks Jim was a prick. 

I can't argue with that.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

She came at me with scissors

I went to the hairdressers. We'd walked past it a few weeks ago, and I popped in on the off chance they'd take me. I got a trainee hairdresser and I pushed aside my fears and followed her to the basins. 

To backtrack: I hate hairdressers. I also hate salons and shops that sell make-ups and perfumes. The lighting is always harsh, the girls terrifying, and they scrutinize you and insult your pores, your hair, and talk of wrinkles and cellulite and sag...

So I was pretty brave today, walking in to the busy salon by myself.

Anyway. My trainee stylist...I didn't get her name. She was young and had a chubbiness in her cheeks and a small turn-y up-y nose, but not of the snotty judgemental variety. But I liked her because she didn't talk to me except for asking the important questions regarding my hair, she did what I think was a great job of cutting and drying and straightening and most important of all -she didn't f*&k with my fringe. (The vulgarity is for more than the alliteration).


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dating, shopping and sloth

Tuesday night was date night. It's not true that every night is date night when you don't have children, and we look forward to our dates :). This time it was a Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Nandos at Victoria Square. The film was better than expected and I think I may have a new favourite phrase. You cocky cock

I'll try and not wear it out.

My Amazon shopping came in the post yesterday. I love my hat :)


I keep writing up to-do-lists and throwing them in my bag, never checking off anything on them. Just today I cleaned out the clutter at the bottom of my bag and threw out at least four lists. It's just as well they weren't all that important and generally go along these lines:
  • Iron - everything.
  • Update blog - readers are growing uneasy (Ha!)
  • Go shopping - look for alternative dress for Sundays lunch (No need any more, Lee approves of the one I have)*
  • Find new music - pretty and girly
  • Buy make-up / birthday cards / and emergency medicine for holidays.
  • Start thinking about packing.
  • Find a hairdresser - who performs miracles.
Hmm, that's probably it really.

*The dress has caused far too much heartache and questions: is it too short, too tight, am I too stumpy, old, pot-bellied? Thankfully the answers turn out to be 'no'. Which is a great relief. I'm really quite shallow.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I've been shopping

Sunday evening and I'm sitting here, on my spot on the couch, a cup of tea and a glass of wine lined up on the table in front of me. We've done so little this weekend, but I'm pleased with the outcome. The little lie ins, the chats, the lovely meals both at home and out. I'm so happy. And there's no point in lying on my blog...

I've been holiday shopping too, of the online variety. I've bought a straw sun hat, new iPod earphones, a snorkelling kit and some light hearted holiday reading - JD Salinger, Daphne Du Maurier, William Golding and Roald Dahl. I think they'll do perfectly for pool and seaside reading, cocktail in hand.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Week thirty five - a recap

It's Friday, and thank goodness for it! Tuesday night was spent in Ballymena. Mother-in-law and I went to aerobics together and I did excellently, except for staying in sync with the rest of the class, but that's nothing because I was worried I'd spend the whole session giggling into my mat on the floor.
Lee was in England on Wednesday night and Thursday, so I extended my stay in Ballymena. Mother-in-law and I walked the dogs in the park and I talked a hole through her head and in return she chewed my ear right off. The chatter continued into the wee hours of the morning and then I had to excuse myself and put myself to bed. 

Pictures of ducks at the Peoples Park in Ballymena
Thursday night included a shopping trip in the city with Carri-Ann. She came along to help me find a dress for next weeks lunch at the Merchant. I tried it on in the shops and she approved, the change room lady approved and I liked it too, so that was three of us, so I bought it.

Work is so damn busy that for the first time ever, I've not had a chance to check personal emails, and think about what I'd like for dinner. I didn't even have a chance to think about lunch, never mind eat it. I'm totally earning my holidays this year..two weeks!

I can't wait.