Thursday, 9 September 2010


I keep writing up to-do-lists and throwing them in my bag, never checking off anything on them. Just today I cleaned out the clutter at the bottom of my bag and threw out at least four lists. It's just as well they weren't all that important and generally go along these lines:
  • Iron - everything.
  • Update blog - readers are growing uneasy (Ha!)
  • Go shopping - look for alternative dress for Sundays lunch (No need any more, Lee approves of the one I have)*
  • Find new music - pretty and girly
  • Buy make-up / birthday cards / and emergency medicine for holidays.
  • Start thinking about packing.
  • Find a hairdresser - who performs miracles.
Hmm, that's probably it really.

*The dress has caused far too much heartache and questions: is it too short, too tight, am I too stumpy, old, pot-bellied? Thankfully the answers turn out to be 'no'. Which is a great relief. I'm really quite shallow.

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