Monday, 13 September 2010

Merchant Sunday

As has become customary, Sunday was 'Funday'. This is Aidans idea, this Sunday Funday, and I'm rather upset at the thought of leaving Belfast and not having too many more of these days! This particular Sunday, we went all out.

Aidan and Carri-Ann arrived at the apartment for half one and were met with glasses of champagne. We got a taxi ride to the Merchant where we sat in the bar and drank cocktails until we were ready to go for our lunch at three.
We feasted and drank wine and and then we drank tea and had pudding and then more cocktails in the Merchant bar!

And then when we couldn't justify staying any longer at the Merchant, we walked down the road to the Garrick and met more friends with more drinks and then a DJ and some bad dancing and talking to strangers at other tables!
We had the best weekend in Belfast! And we stayed up until early in the morning, just listening to music on the laptop and singing and dancing over Belfast, admiring our view before we leave it for Ballymena. I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would today, mostly I was struggling because I'm already so much in holiday mode. Saturday, we fly for Johannesburg...I'm going crazy with the excitement!
I found this amusing.

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