Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunday Funday – pulled intercostal muscle edition

(Or otherwise Sunday Funday - steaks and pubs)
Sirloin and potato gratin
I slept in late and Lee brought me in a cup of tea and a slice of avo toast and my net book.

I finished reading Noleens mommy’s book, which I will write a review on soon, as she is keen for feed back. I sobbed a little over it even though I knew the ending. I lazed in my kitty pyjama bottoms and Doors t-shirt in front of the telly. Then Lee kicked me out to go shower.
We walked the mile or so to Aidans new place where he cooked sirloins and potato gratin and red cabbage and we sat in the living room with our wine and some Spotify, my short legs dangling off the edge of his large couch, not long enough to reach the floor. Big peoples couches.

Sunday lunch

We ended the night at three pubs, The John Hewitt, The Duke of York and The Spaniard. The Spaniard plays the most awesome music and we wondered why we hadn’t frequented it more over the last year. They also make pretty great Gin & Tonics with a huge slice of cucumber.

At the Spaniard

I’m really excited for what we’ve called Sunday Funday – The Ballymena Editions, complete with trips up to the coast and parks and making the best of the pubs that Ballymena has to offer.
It’s not all doom and gloom.

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