Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Nushka, my girl

She was the cutest wee puppy. I miss my monster :-(

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cold November

Last nights temperature was apparently -12 degrees, which is a record low temperature for November. Which kind of makes taking the dogs for a walk on the beach in Cushendun seem a bit crazy. But that's what we did anyway. It was a small adventure just trying to keep warm.

We had our breakfast at the cafe. Enormous plates piled high with hot food and cups of tea.
McBrides at Cushendun
I think the doggies thought we were insane. It took some convincing to get them out the back of the car.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

Lee's mommy and I took the dogs to the Ecos Centre this afternoon. Everything looked so different from last week, the small amount of snow on the ground made everything look just so pretty.

 Benny and Tina at the Ecos Centre

Lee outside the Glenravel GAA Club

We were in Glenravel this eve' for the art exhibition where Lee's dad has some paintings up. It was freezing cold, and leaving the club, the snow came down so heavily as we drove down the narrow tree and stone wall lined road. 

It felt like Ireland. Kind of how you imagine it as a kid growing up in a hot country thinks of Ireland. Which then made me think of my own ma and pa so far away. And I did tear up a bit.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Salt 'n Pepper pots

Some pictures I took in South Africa while eating out in Meyersdal. This may have been due to a lull in the conversation at this point.

Then things turned a bit sour after...


I'm struggling with the whole blog thing just recently. I've not written about my feelings at all, 'cept for my excitement and general state of happiness and content. But there's always more than that. Yes, I'm happy, and for the first time I'm also comfortable with me. I feel well and stable and secure. I'm not trying to create any drama, or look for drama where there is none, and I don't think I'm ugly. In fact, I've not given much consideration to my appearance at all lately, and not in a bad and neglectful sort of way either. And that is huge, especially considering the folder on my net book containing a whole lot of unflattering bikini shots of me from our honeymoon. 

I'm just not sure what's appropriate for me to write about any more. I never used to have a problem, I've never been particularly private, quite the opposite. I've always been more than willing to share everything and probably cross the line more times than I should really.

So I need to decide where this is going to go. Sunshine, butterflies and hills dotted with daisies don't seem to be inspirational. That's all.

Monday, 22 November 2010

A list of things I'm excited about

Life seems to be falling into some sort of routine again and I’m beginning to be more settled where we are now. I’m still excited, only now I’m not so sure about what. South Africa is over, our Honeymoon is finished (though not the actual PHASE), we’ve left Belfast and now all that is ahead of us is a cold and dark winter. 
Ballymena town centre

But the town is all lit up and sparkly and even I can’t help find it so so pretty. There are things to look forward to...but it seems as though I’ve been constantly excited about something for the past year. I can’t remember ever being this way.

Things to look forward to:

  • The weekend we’re spending in Belfast - we’ll be Christmas wine tasting, lunching at Deanes and going to the Continental market at city hall, buying Lee’s birthday present, then the Pantomime at the Grand Opera House!
  • Lee’s birthday – we’re dining at the River Room
  • All the festivities and feasting of December
  • The work’s end of year party – I have two dresses to choose from. The straight mulberry coloured one and the flow-y cream one with ruffles.
  • Milton Keynes – we’re visiting for some birthday celebrations and to see the Norton/Quayles. I always like me some Milton Keynes, it always feels a bit like going home.
Then there’s a big five months gap until we fly away to Canada for two weeks in June right after my birthday and then some more Milton Keynes and some Foo Fighters at the MK Bowl. 

Friday, 19 November 2010


The town was mad yesterday evening. Lee and I were all wrapped in our big coats and scarves and hats, trying to make our way in to the Tower Centre to the shop that takes your old games and consoles off you. The roads and the centre entrance were blocked by a mob of parents with their kiddies all waiting the see Santa and his reindeer parade down the road to his grotto in the mall. 

But we meant business. 

With the money Lee got from his Wii and Tesco bag full of games he managed to buy a sleek and black Xbox 360 with two games. He’s very generous with his gifts to himself just lately.

We never did get to see any reindeer, ‘cos we left the centre and stopped in to the Slemish for some wine and some Guinness and to make fun of the new Katy Perry song. Honestly, did her four year old nephew write those lyrics?

Anyway. I’m making a determined effort to not hate everything that is popular, and only to hate it if it’s utter shit. So I’m going to have to give Take That another chance. Not Robbie Williams though. And not Cheryl Cole either.

Flip, saying that would make anyone an instant pariah. 

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Pictures

Our first weekend in Ballymena went rather fast. And I'm no closer to being more organized than I was before. Today was good, the sort of good that comes from starting with a late lie in and eggs on soda bread with a hot cup of tea. And shopping trips in the town with my mother in law...wooly jumpers and a dress for the Christmas party and a new pair of comfy jeans.


Lee's souffl├ęs. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Part two - Honeymoon

I got my underwater pictures back, and I’m quite pleased. Of course, most of them have my big fat thumb over half of the picture, but they came out, and it’s more than I was expecting to be honest.

Here's me on a kayak. The first ten minutes were rather stress-y. The water by the jetty was choppy and we encountered a great big pipe just under the surface of the water. I'm also horribly uncoordinated and it took until half way through the trip around the island for me to get the hang of the whole rowing business. 

Coming back in was rather rough too and we both got washed up on the beach along with our kayak and I almost lost my shades. My muscles ached for two days after the kayak experience. We sniggered every time one rowed past our water villa after that.
 Just outside the water villas.

Brain coral, and a really awful picture of a Picasso Trigger Fish.

 There were loads of these, big schools of them everywhere.
 Lee on the dhoni after our first trip to the house reef.

My big fat thumb threatening to push him back under again, Monty Python-esque