Thursday, 11 November 2010

Honey-mooning part one

 A honeymoon suite. This wasn't ours, we had a water villa and a bit of our own beach. Which was awesome.

 Outside the Uthuru (Urethra) Bar

 Duniye Spa. We visited a couple of times. After your massage/good rubbing they give you a pot of the yummiest ginger tea.
 Maldivian sunsets are amazing
 A loverly bunch of coconuts. Coconut cocktails.

 Our daily ritual. Every afternoon after lunch we'd lay outside the bar with our books, a tuna toastie and drink. I finished 'Lord of the Flies' and Lee read some Salinger.
A hermit crab. 
 Robinson Crusoe excursion

We were away for two weeks, but it felt like at least a month. Each day blurred into the next, breakfast, sunshine, lunch, swim, cocktails and toastie, books, dinner, more cocktails and then the sun streaming in under the blinds all over again. 

The sea was amazingly blue and clear and full of wild life. Swimming in the sea and the little fish swam right up to my mask and swam alongside with me, in front of me and all around me, the sunlight catching their scales and showing up the prettiest colours. I hope some of my underwater photos will come out!

We went out to the house reef twice and swam in the shallow ocean over the rocks and the corals, it was brilliant and scary and fun...the waves washing over us, pushing us further away from the dhoni.

The speed boat took us out to a small sandbank with just an umbrella, two chairs, a table and a well stocked picnic basket. We were left there for an afternoon. I lay on my striped beach towel and listened to some Regina, 'cos it seemed really appropriate. 

The sea was so warm. I'd lie out in the water on my sun lounger and watch the reef sharks and rays swim right past me.

After two weeks of intense sunshine, it's pretty harsh having to adjust to the cold and the wind and the rain, the severe weather warnings in Northern Ireland.

We'll get used to it in time. And our new home for the next year.

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