Monday, 22 November 2010

A list of things I'm excited about

Life seems to be falling into some sort of routine again and I’m beginning to be more settled where we are now. I’m still excited, only now I’m not so sure about what. South Africa is over, our Honeymoon is finished (though not the actual PHASE), we’ve left Belfast and now all that is ahead of us is a cold and dark winter. 
Ballymena town centre

But the town is all lit up and sparkly and even I can’t help find it so so pretty. There are things to look forward to...but it seems as though I’ve been constantly excited about something for the past year. I can’t remember ever being this way.

Things to look forward to:

  • The weekend we’re spending in Belfast - we’ll be Christmas wine tasting, lunching at Deanes and going to the Continental market at city hall, buying Lee’s birthday present, then the Pantomime at the Grand Opera House!
  • Lee’s birthday – we’re dining at the River Room
  • All the festivities and feasting of December
  • The work’s end of year party – I have two dresses to choose from. The straight mulberry coloured one and the flow-y cream one with ruffles.
  • Milton Keynes – we’re visiting for some birthday celebrations and to see the Norton/Quayles. I always like me some Milton Keynes, it always feels a bit like going home.
Then there’s a big five months gap until we fly away to Canada for two weeks in June right after my birthday and then some more Milton Keynes and some Foo Fighters at the MK Bowl. 

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