Saturday, 13 November 2010

Part two - Honeymoon

I got my underwater pictures back, and I’m quite pleased. Of course, most of them have my big fat thumb over half of the picture, but they came out, and it’s more than I was expecting to be honest.

Here's me on a kayak. The first ten minutes were rather stress-y. The water by the jetty was choppy and we encountered a great big pipe just under the surface of the water. I'm also horribly uncoordinated and it took until half way through the trip around the island for me to get the hang of the whole rowing business. 

Coming back in was rather rough too and we both got washed up on the beach along with our kayak and I almost lost my shades. My muscles ached for two days after the kayak experience. We sniggered every time one rowed past our water villa after that.
 Just outside the water villas.

Brain coral, and a really awful picture of a Picasso Trigger Fish.

 There were loads of these, big schools of them everywhere.
 Lee on the dhoni after our first trip to the house reef.

My big fat thumb threatening to push him back under again, Monty Python-esque

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