Friday, 19 November 2010


The town was mad yesterday evening. Lee and I were all wrapped in our big coats and scarves and hats, trying to make our way in to the Tower Centre to the shop that takes your old games and consoles off you. The roads and the centre entrance were blocked by a mob of parents with their kiddies all waiting the see Santa and his reindeer parade down the road to his grotto in the mall. 

But we meant business. 

With the money Lee got from his Wii and Tesco bag full of games he managed to buy a sleek and black Xbox 360 with two games. He’s very generous with his gifts to himself just lately.

We never did get to see any reindeer, ‘cos we left the centre and stopped in to the Slemish for some wine and some Guinness and to make fun of the new Katy Perry song. Honestly, did her four year old nephew write those lyrics?

Anyway. I’m making a determined effort to not hate everything that is popular, and only to hate it if it’s utter shit. So I’m going to have to give Take That another chance. Not Robbie Williams though. And not Cheryl Cole either.

Flip, saying that would make anyone an instant pariah. 

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