Friday, 26 November 2010


I'm struggling with the whole blog thing just recently. I've not written about my feelings at all, 'cept for my excitement and general state of happiness and content. But there's always more than that. Yes, I'm happy, and for the first time I'm also comfortable with me. I feel well and stable and secure. I'm not trying to create any drama, or look for drama where there is none, and I don't think I'm ugly. In fact, I've not given much consideration to my appearance at all lately, and not in a bad and neglectful sort of way either. And that is huge, especially considering the folder on my net book containing a whole lot of unflattering bikini shots of me from our honeymoon. 

I'm just not sure what's appropriate for me to write about any more. I never used to have a problem, I've never been particularly private, quite the opposite. I've always been more than willing to share everything and probably cross the line more times than I should really.

So I need to decide where this is going to go. Sunshine, butterflies and hills dotted with daisies don't seem to be inspirational. That's all.

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