Sunday, 26 December 2010

Deck the halls

We'd breakfasted on scrambled eggs with extra butter and cream and smoked salmon and thick crusty toasted bread and a cup of tea before all heading to the living room for our presents. Just like last year, there was so much stuff for everyone!

Our lunch. Turkey and roasted potatoes, parsnips and butternut, and chestnut brussel sprouts and gravy.
 One of many Canada themed presents. Part of the 'subliminal' MOVE TO CANADA campaign.
 Festive spirits - Hendricks and ale.
The best cards ever. My niece and nephew are so cute and so funny.

I'm very excited about my Oktomat. I can't wait to get outside and start playing with this!

I'm also exceedingly excited about finding this and this on YouTube. It's just not Christmas until I've listened to some Gobbolino.

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