Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sickly...smooth and shiny.

I think going out with Irish folk makes me sick. Or maybe it’s the standing around outside of bars that does it, I can’t be sure. But I am sick. My head is cotton wool-y (more than usual) and my throat feels like I swallowed one of Beefy’s fur balls. Which is actually entirely possible considering he spent a good portion of the evening lying on my lap, trying to be cute and cuddling up closer all the time.

Turner and Hooch was on the telly when I came in from the hairdressers last night. I’d not seen it before, and Lee didn’t warn me that Hooch dies at the end. Not cool. And then they try and make it seem okay by replacing him with another (possibly?) Bull Mastiff puppy. Like that makes it better.

Ja, so I went to cousin-in-law Elizabeth for a haircut, she took off loads and made it all straight and shiny. I’ll have to take a photo...I’ve not done a g.p.o.y.w  for long, so it’s maybe a good time to start. My fringe, however, is entirely my own doing. She’s horrified, really.

I don't think it's all that bad.

But now I'm going to go mess it all up again by washing it.

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