Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stolen photos from a Christmas party

I went along with Lee's works Christmas party at McHugh's in the city centre. Well, the drinks bit anyway. I got the train to Central Station, walked to Kerri's, realized we didn't have our toothbrushes with us, went back out to Boots, walked back to Kerri's, dressed, and waited for my taxi over to where the party was. 

Lee met me outside, excited and chatty and clearly a few glasses of wine in him...he's a good drunk really.

I must have just said something frightfully witty and charming

I met a whole lot more people Lee works with, swigged pints of Guinness, danced and twirled to Fairy Tale in New York...and danced to everything else too, while pretending to know the words to them all and singing loudly.

And next weekend, it's our end of year party. So exciting. But now I'm sleepy and lazy and watching the final of X Factor, full up on my roast beef dinner and chocolate. I could do with a cuppa tea too...

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