Saturday, 29 January 2011

Unnecessary purchases

After work yesterday, just as I was settling down with my netbook and some Regina Spektor, Kerri poked her head through the door and asked if I was joining her and her mom for a wee shopping trip at the Fairhill Centre. Since Lee and Stephen were so engrossed in their game on the XBox, I decided to go along.

Our last stop was H&M. As we were walking through the baby clothes section* of the shop on our way out, this t-shirt caught my eye. I had to buy it, of course.
H&M 4-6 month Doors t-shirt

I'm a big fan of the Doors.

Photo taken last September at Spring & Airbrake - Doors Alive Tribute Band

*You have to walk past the baby clothes section on your way to the exit. There's no news here...

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