Monday, 28 February 2011

WHAT?! in my bag?

Inspired by Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, I decided to do my own 'what's in my bag' kinda post. 

Yesterday Lee picked up my bag and asked me what the hell I've got in it. It's always so heavy! I'm not sure what it is in there weighing it down, so I investigated by spreading the contents out on the bed, and photographing them.

Contents of my bag include:

  • Used tissues and serviettes
  • Leanne and Johns house key. I'm not sure why I'm still carrying a key to a house in England when I live in Northern Ireland.
  • Unused key rings
  • The standard hand bag-y stuff - diary, pain pills, pens, Lemsips, hair slides, stamps, Dettol hand sanitizer, gloves, iPod, phone, wallet, phone charger, memory stick, receipts from Amazon and Snappy Snaps, Oktomat camera. I didn't include the tampons, I left them in the bag. No one wants to see those.
I'm not sure that this post is making the blog world a more positive place, or that it's doing anything for my own creativity, as Danielle* suggests it might. In any case, it gave me something to do for a few minutes. Yay! 

*She's so pretty, I love her tattoos. 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Casting on

We found a shop that sells wool and I chose these five colours. I think I'm getting better at it, but am yet to venture out into the purl stitch. Baby steps...

I'm just gonna say, I'm really rather proud of myself. 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Brighter days

Today was sunny. So after we'd had our breakfast we piled the dogs into the back of the car and drove to the coast. Me, mother-in-law and Kerri. 

And Benny and Tina.

We stopped in to this shop/cafe for some ice cream. We sat next to the window over looking the street and the sea and watched the people walking by.

It was sunny, but still cold. But Spring is on the way. The days are getting longer too and we had day light until almost six this evening. That makes me happy and excited for the warmer and brighter days.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Murder on the bedroom floor

Sitting on my bed blow drying my hair this evening I caught a flash of movement out the corner of my eye. A big ugly spider was walking out from under the chest of drawers and towards the bed.

With no time to think, nothing heavy to drop on it and no gun, I grabbed the next best eye make up remover wipes and waited until the beast was just close enough. 

I think he sensed the danger, 'cos he hesitated before continuing. But he pushed aside his better judgement and I slammed the wipes down hard on top of him. Hard enough so that I didn't get to hear the crunch, just the bang.

Stupid spider. There I was blissfully thinking that it was still cold enough for spiders to be all hibernating or hiding or just away and now that I know the truth I'm going to be completely paranoid checking everything in case the ugly bastards have crawled in there. 

Not happy.

My make up wipes are still sitting there on the floor. I'm waiting for mother-in-law to come remove them and the body. Even dead spiders are scary.

This is how I feel about spiders. But it's funnier, more articulate and colourful.

Wednesday pictures

From top left and anti-clockwise. I got some choccies from Lee this evening and some daffodils from his ma, to brighten up our room and make me cheerful. I'm still reading this book! It's one of those that I'm keen to finish, but will be sad when it is. I still love my teddy. I think it also has something to do with it being my only teddy. I have a huge fluffy dog at home (in South Africa) that's always too big and awkward to bring back in my suitcase, and a cupboard full of my childhood stuffed animals. Sometimes I miss them.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I'm trying something new

Mother-in-law left 'The Art of Knitting' magazine in our room the other day and I opened it up out of boredom curiosity. Surprisingly, I'm finding it fun! 
The orders for Christmas jumpers are already coming in fast.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Oktomat pictures - Finally!

The results of my second roll of film from my Oktomat! This film really suffered and I'm impressed that even four photos came out of the possible thirty six. After a fairly boozy Sunday lunch with Aidan and Carri-Ann, I became convinced that my camera wasn't actually advancing the film and opened the back of the camera and pulled the film out. Then later, I wound it back up, loaded it and stated taking pictures again.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Teddy Bear!

Last night, when I went upstairs for my evening bath I found this teddy sitting on our bed. Thank you Lee! I still think Valentines Day is a silly 'holiday' and I'm still a bitter old woman! But I do love my teddy...and you too! :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

14th of February

It's not my favorite holiday. This is, however, coming from someone who doesn't particularly like any of the holidays much (yes...humbug). I like my birthday, that's a day I'll celebrate! 

Valentines Day is the date I most dreaded as a teenager...

School was hell. Every Valentines day our classrooms were visited by representatives from another class. They brought with them letters, cards, roses, balloons, teddy bears and all manner of heart shaped gifts of love to all those lucky (and loved) enough to have secret admirers / boyfriends or girlfriends. All the girls would be laden and proudly displaying their tacky tokens of love and carrying cards too large to fit into their school bags. 

I never got anything. 

No, I lie, one year, I got a heart shaped pin from a friend of mine. I think it said something about how The Smashing Pumpkins rock. Another year I stole a rose from another friend, just so that I didn't look so sad and unloved.

There was one year when I actually unknowingly chose out a Valentines day card for myself from a male friend of mine. I'd gone with him to buy cards for his mum and some other female friends of his. I found a card on the racks at CNA and thought it amusing and showed it to him. A few days later on Valentines day, he gave me the card I had suggested for someone else.

It's not a day for romance. It's a day for laying down and avoiding.

*I am, however, very appreciative of the lovely meal that we had on Saturday night. It wasn't a Valentines meal, because it wasn't had on the 14th.*

I'm in the kitchen

Last night Lee took me back to Galgorm and the River Room restaurant for dinner. They had their Valentines menu on and there was a lot of food! Before our starter even came out we were brought canap├ęs of smoked salmon, bread with pesto sauce and black olive tapenade, a pink cocktail (which reminded us of Angel Delight) and then a shot glass sized serving of cauliflower puree topped with truffle shavings. And then the rest of our courses!
And while I'm generally against Valentines Day, I certainly wasn't going to turn down the offer of a really good meal out! Especially since we've barely been out at all so far this year.

I had a good lie in this morning with my book. I've been needing it. This past week I've been so so tired and each morning I wake up I'm more tired than the day before. Despite sleeping for twelve hours on Thursday night.
I baked for the first time in ages. I got out my South African recipe book and made us a banana loaf. We ate it with melted butter, straight from the oven. There's not a lot that's nicer than that.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Dear twenty’ve got a lot of shaping up to do. I know my problems are silly and not problems at all, but sometimes, a good mope and a vent are beneficial.

This week I have been exhausted. I can’t even think of any reason for my excessive tiredness.

On Thursday night on the way home from work, Lee crashed his car on the motorway when the car in front of him braked suddenly and his brakes failed. Thankfully, he’s alright and the worst of it is a minor setback and some annoyance.

I’m worried about my netbook. This week, for the first time, she gave me the blue screen of death. Netty has travelled with me for the past two years, and together, we’ve been through lots. I know what I've got to do, but I just can’t seem to get it together enough to plug in the desktop and back up of all my photos, music and document files.

Yvonne and family are visiting in South Africa. Where the whole family are together, the sun is shining and the aircon is working overtime. They're having braais, going on rides at Gold Reef City, road tripping to Graskop and having fun. And I'm cold and sitting in. I wish I could see the whole family all together. I miss them all.

I gave myself a really bad fringe cut, my skin has broken out and I feel really ugly. 

So I'll leave you with a picture of the back of me.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Ballycastle on a day off (and more rain)

I had a day off work today and mother-in-law and I went to Armoy to visit with her sister. The four of us piled into the car and went to Ballycastle for a walk along the beach. It started to rain as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, but we're a hardy tough bunch and braved the weather.
Aisling, mother-in-law and Collette

Ballycastle boats

I left my umbrella in Ballycastle

The sisters
We had dinner in Armoy and drove home in the dark. It's nice to get out, but it's always nice to come back home again.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


I’m using lastfm again, listening to proper girly music, fiona apple, regina spektor, tori amos, kimya dawson and some more cocorosie. I’m in a kind of thinkful mood, just thinking, remembering and listening…

It’s getting late, but I don’t feel tired, even after all the fresh outside air of the day, and that big fry at breakfast. The exercise must have done some good, because I don’t feel restless today. 

Which is something really, ‘cos flip sake, I just realized that the highlight of my weeks are the trips to the park on the weekend when we walk the dogs. I know that we’re working towards something big and important, and most of the time that helps, but sometimes, not so much. 

Not when there is still so much I want to see.

I don’t feel ‘rock star’ any more. Not even close.

'Polaroids' at the lough shore

Today I went back to the lough shore in Antrim with the in-laws. The rugby was on, so Lee wasn't going anywhere. 

I left him sitting in the living room on the colourful crocheted blanket covered couch, the curtains closed, scented candle lit and a bottle of wine next to the radiator.
 Father-in-law went along to do some painting.
 And mother-in-law and I took the doggies for a walk through the castle grounds.

Benny & Tina in the river by the bridge.
 This morning after our breakfast at the cafe, we strolled down Broughshane Street to Camerons where we had something cold to drink and I took pictures of the cakes and buns we could have eaten.