Sunday, 13 February 2011

14th of February

It's not my favorite holiday. This is, however, coming from someone who doesn't particularly like any of the holidays much (yes...humbug). I like my birthday, that's a day I'll celebrate! 

Valentines Day is the date I most dreaded as a teenager...

School was hell. Every Valentines day our classrooms were visited by representatives from another class. They brought with them letters, cards, roses, balloons, teddy bears and all manner of heart shaped gifts of love to all those lucky (and loved) enough to have secret admirers / boyfriends or girlfriends. All the girls would be laden and proudly displaying their tacky tokens of love and carrying cards too large to fit into their school bags. 

I never got anything. 

No, I lie, one year, I got a heart shaped pin from a friend of mine. I think it said something about how The Smashing Pumpkins rock. Another year I stole a rose from another friend, just so that I didn't look so sad and unloved.

There was one year when I actually unknowingly chose out a Valentines day card for myself from a male friend of mine. I'd gone with him to buy cards for his mum and some other female friends of his. I found a card on the racks at CNA and thought it amusing and showed it to him. A few days later on Valentines day, he gave me the card I had suggested for someone else.

It's not a day for romance. It's a day for laying down and avoiding.

*I am, however, very appreciative of the lovely meal that we had on Saturday night. It wasn't a Valentines meal, because it wasn't had on the 14th.*

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