Sunday, 13 February 2011

I'm in the kitchen

Last night Lee took me back to Galgorm and the River Room restaurant for dinner. They had their Valentines menu on and there was a lot of food! Before our starter even came out we were brought canapĂ©s of smoked salmon, bread with pesto sauce and black olive tapenade, a pink cocktail (which reminded us of Angel Delight) and then a shot glass sized serving of cauliflower puree topped with truffle shavings. And then the rest of our courses!
And while I'm generally against Valentines Day, I certainly wasn't going to turn down the offer of a really good meal out! Especially since we've barely been out at all so far this year.

I had a good lie in this morning with my book. I've been needing it. This past week I've been so so tired and each morning I wake up I'm more tired than the day before. Despite sleeping for twelve hours on Thursday night.
I baked for the first time in ages. I got out my South African recipe book and made us a banana loaf. We ate it with melted butter, straight from the oven. There's not a lot that's nicer than that.

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