Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Murder on the bedroom floor

Sitting on my bed blow drying my hair this evening I caught a flash of movement out the corner of my eye. A big ugly spider was walking out from under the chest of drawers and towards the bed.

With no time to think, nothing heavy to drop on it and no gun, I grabbed the next best eye make up remover wipes and waited until the beast was just close enough. 

I think he sensed the danger, 'cos he hesitated before continuing. But he pushed aside his better judgement and I slammed the wipes down hard on top of him. Hard enough so that I didn't get to hear the crunch, just the bang.

Stupid spider. There I was blissfully thinking that it was still cold enough for spiders to be all hibernating or hiding or just away and now that I know the truth I'm going to be completely paranoid checking everything in case the ugly bastards have crawled in there. 

Not happy.

My make up wipes are still sitting there on the floor. I'm waiting for mother-in-law to come remove them and the body. Even dead spiders are scary.

This is how I feel about spiders. But it's funnier, more articulate and colourful.

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