Monday, 28 February 2011

WHAT?! in my bag?

Inspired by Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, I decided to do my own 'what's in my bag' kinda post. 

Yesterday Lee picked up my bag and asked me what the hell I've got in it. It's always so heavy! I'm not sure what it is in there weighing it down, so I investigated by spreading the contents out on the bed, and photographing them.

Contents of my bag include:

  • Used tissues and serviettes
  • Leanne and Johns house key. I'm not sure why I'm still carrying a key to a house in England when I live in Northern Ireland.
  • Unused key rings
  • The standard hand bag-y stuff - diary, pain pills, pens, Lemsips, hair slides, stamps, Dettol hand sanitizer, gloves, iPod, phone, wallet, phone charger, memory stick, receipts from Amazon and Snappy Snaps, Oktomat camera. I didn't include the tampons, I left them in the bag. No one wants to see those.
I'm not sure that this post is making the blog world a more positive place, or that it's doing anything for my own creativity, as Danielle* suggests it might. In any case, it gave me something to do for a few minutes. Yay! 

*She's so pretty, I love her tattoos. 

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  1. some cool flicks, i like this old style medium format sorta thing