Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Giants Causeway [image heavy]

After breakfast this morning, Lee, me, his mom and dad and Benny and Tina got back into the car and visited the Giants Causeway. I was there last in December 2009, the day after the night I'd met Lee. I was unimpressed then...but it was freezing and windy and I was alone and tired and feeling fairly sorry for myself.

Today, however, it was warm(ish) and the sun was shinin' and I had a husband and family and the dogs with me and the promise of some Guinness and a warm meal on our return.
Lee and I shared a cheddar and pickle baguette...and I tried on hats in the gift shop.
And tonight, I'm going to eat Dominos pizza and do some more knitting! I may even convince Lee to watch The Secret of Nimh with me...or the Neverending Story. 

Much excitement :)


  1. so cool, love the shot with the man painting!

  2. Thank you. That's my father in law!