Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The best meatballs

I'm loving us being on holiday. Just like yesterday, today was lazy too. We had our breakfast with mother in law at uncle Michaels cafe in town, stopped in at the shops for some food and then spent the rest of the day lazing and sitting in the sunshine and drinking wine and chatting. this evening we made tuna meatballs for dinner. I say 'we' but it was really Lee. I just made breadcrumbs and zested lemons and cleaned up behind him. They're called 'the best tuna meatballs' and it's not for nothing either. These were delicious! And I could eat these all the time. You can find the recipe here (love Jamie).
...and...ta dah!...
The result

We were surprised when we were handed some cash and told to go enjoy ourselves while the weather is good. We weren't going to argue (too much) and so tomorrow morning we're away to Fermanagh for two days and a night! We're really excited! We're staying in a self catering cottage, so we went back to the shops and filled a basket with cheeses, meats, salad-y things and wine and we're going to picnic.

I can't wait!!


  1. Tuna meatballs! Now that's something I never would have thought of. But the Italian part of me has been craving meatballs like mad since I stopped eating cows and this just might do the trick! Thank you to you and the ever wonderful Mr. Jamie Oliver!

  2. I was unsure about these at first, but oh my goodness they are good! I really wasn't expecting them to be that delicious.