Sunday, 10 April 2011

Castlerock [and sentences hastily strewn together*]

The sun continued on to today. I fancied pancakes this morning. So I made them and filled them with strawberries and bananas and syrup and we all ate them outside in the garden. Then we loaded the dogs into the back of the car and the five of us, and Benny and Tina headed for Castlerock. I'd not been before. If I'd known it'd be so hot, I'd have worn shorts. You just can't roll jeggings up so that you can run into the sea. But I did make a good go of it.
We bought cider and sat on the sand and after we'd sat there for long enough, we dusted off the sand and went for lunch where they gave me far too much goats cheese in my goat cheese salad. We went home and drank tea in the garden and we all talked and giggled and acted silly. I couldn't hang the washing up because Lee was tickling me and I was shrieking and his mother was laughing.

*I want to get my washing in before it rains or gets too dark and I get too scared to go out and get it by myself.

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