Sunday, 17 April 2011

A full Sunday

I was up early this morning, showered and dressed and ready for the day. It was sunny so I washed our clothes and hung them up to dry outside. And for once it didn't rain as soon as the clothes were on the line, so I was pleased. 

We all sat outside in the sunshine and drank cups of tea and chatted. Later, the five of us went to the Spinning Mill for our lunch.

And I got to get in a trip to the Tower Centre to do a wee spot of shopping. I'll photograph my purchases soon!

The day took an unexpected turn when, after we'd got back, a whole lot of family arrived. Aunts and cousins and their children and babies and we all sat outside and drank tea and ate cake and talked and talked.
Wee Ciara, Tina and Sarah
Uncle Joe and Shaun
It warranted a sunhat
Uncle Joe also needed a hat
I've had the best weekend.

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