Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday afternoon visitings

The day started early. The beef needed putting on if we were going to take it with us to Armoy to visit with the whole family. We stuffed it with rosemary and garlic and shoved it in the oven and then pretty much forgot about it while we dressed and readied ourselves. There was a lot of chocolate, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and sheep, mini eggs, creme eggs and Roses chocolates. I doubt we'll ever get through it all. Maybe the Malteser egg though.
And then at the aunts house in Armoy there was soo much more food followed by cake and more chocolate and meringues and cheese cake and buns and petit fours and tea. Which was then followed by crisps and more sweets and another cup of tea.

I was most excited by the lambs and that I got to feed and play with them.
That's all I have. I'm tired and I need to wash off the sheep on me. 

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