Monday, 25 April 2011

Ten Kilometers

We were up and away fairly early this morning. Lee's backpack was packed with home made sandwiches, bananas, some broken up chocolate egg and bottles of water. We were off to Glenariff Forest Park...
We walked the 'scenic' route, then up to the picnic spot and ate our sandwiches on a bench and watched all the people walk by with their dogs and their kids and pushchairs. Then we did the 'waterfall' route over to the Laragh Lodge for a half a pint. The pedometer on Lee's iPhone told us we'd covered just under ten kilometers, and a lot of that was up hill too.
It was a perfect day for a walk and I think that a lot of Northern Ireland also thought so, 'cos the picnic areas were packed as was the Laragh Lodge. 
And when we came home, we sat outside by the studio with a bottle of red wine and chatted more, and it wasn't freezing. It's been wonderful.

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