Friday, 29 April 2011

Ulster American Folk Park / Marble Arch Caves - more mini break!

We visited the Ulster American Folk Park this morning. We'd timed it well, and near enough had the park to ourselves. By the time we left, at lunch time, there was a queue of people lined up to come in.
It's really well done and is properly impressive! I loved the cottages and the smell of peat burning in the fireplaces.
It's not easy taking pictures underground and in the dark. The Marble Arch caves were impressive. I remember going to the Cango Caves as a kiddie and being soo impressed by the size of the caves, stalagmites and stalactites. I don't know if it's because the Cango Caves are really big or if it was because I was just so small. I'd love to go back to compare. I'm also not sure if you get a boat ride there. I do love a wee boat ride.

It was cold down there, and damp and there were other people...but I enjoyed the hour and a half tour and the sausage roll and tea at the cafe!

It's been a fairly busy and eventful week's holiday and most of it totally a surprise! It's going to be really difficult readjusting to going back to work on Tuesday! But that's still days away...


  1. The folk park and Marble Arch Caves look great - especially like the sound of an underground boat ride! Glad you had a good time, I've never been to either of these places but they're now climbing up to the to-do list a lot quicker now :)

  2. They were both really enjoyable. The folk park was probably better value, 'cos you can spend a whole lot more time there than at the caves. But ja, the underground boat ride was pretty cool :)