Friday, 27 May 2011

Another day about the town

This morning we had our tea in Camerons. Their cakes and buns always look so pretty and I couldn't help taking a (not so) sneaky photo. 

Mother in law had the tray at the tea stand and I overheard: 'can you tell me why she's taking pictures of the cakes over there?' to which mother in law replied, 'Oh, because they're so pretty, and well, she takes pictures of everything'. I walked over, smiled and said that I was sorry, and maybe I'm not allowed to take photos? She totally ignored me and grumbled and frowned while pouring the tea and coffee. 

Grumpy bitch. I made a point of not tidying up our table when we'd finished our tea and pastries. Ha!

Pretty buns at Camerons
Tan pumps from Dunnes.
Tiny teapot charm which is going on a chain and becoming part of a necklace.

Another successful day out in the town.


  1. Oh yum they do look lovely buns but I don't like the sound of that woman lol!! I always feel vaguely embarrased when I'm taking photos in public! I want a Dunnes near where I live... booo

  2. I feel terribly embarrassed taking pictures in public, nasty woman hasn't helped the matter either. Sigh.