Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Beefy's a naughty kitty. I found him lying on our bed. He knows he's not allowed up there. But he's so cute, I couldn't help rewarding his bad behavior with cuddles, kisses and tickles. Then took him back down to the kitchen.

Things are looking up a bit. The Icelandic ash cloud seems to be clearing, I found a lovely peter pan collared dress online which mother in law has bought me for my birthday (picture to follow soon), I got one or two important phone calls and well, we all have our health. 

And for all that I'm thankful. 


  1. That kitty looks way too cute to be called Beef lol! Our cats are always on our beds, last night there was 3 of them on ours as well as us!! I love it when they wake me up in the morning by batting my face with their paws awwww... "feed me!" x Can't wait to see your dress :) x

  2. He is too cute, but extremely vocal. I don't mind that he's chatty though :)

    Aww, it's not my rule that he's not allowed in the rooms...I loved been woken by kitty claws in my feet.

    I can't wait to see my dress either!

  3. what an absolute cutie and yeah for a new peter pan collar dress

    Bow Dream Nation xx