Monday, 30 May 2011

The birthday celebrations begin early

We got the train from Ballymena to Belfast yesterday late morning. The taxi dropped us outside Aidans flat. Carri-Anne let us in. Inside we found a picnic basket with presents, a birthday cake and a balloon. We drank bubbly while we killed time before our lunch reservation at the Merchant.

We posed for the obligatory photos. Thirty. What's left of my youth is dwindling. 

Gnocchi. Yum.
Swan shaped profiteroles! So lovely and pretty!

The piano person played some 'Happy Birthday' and the waiter brought out my cake. They took it away again after Carri-Anne tried to cut slices with the wine glass. They brought it back again, all sliced for us. And with forks. They think of everything.

Walking over to the Garrick from the Merchant.
The Garrick were having an Hawaiian themed luau. We were all given grass skirts, leis and flowers for our hair. Drinks were served in pineapples and a cheesy looking Elvis film was shown on the projector. We love the Garrick.
 Lee found some old school friends
We had a wonderful Sunday and were sad to leave and get the last train back to Ballymena. We have such good friends, and I have such a wonderful husband. I'm a lucky girl!*

*Can you still be considered a 'girl' at almost thirty?


  1. You are looking so lovely!! :)

  2. Ooooh lunch at The Merchant - v posh"!!! It looks fab - those profiteroles look yummy!! Glad you had a good day x

  3. Thanks L; you don't want to see me today!
    The profiteroles were lovely Nic, everything was! Thank you :)