Sunday, 22 May 2011


I've been feeling so bogged down by negativity. Everything has just seemed wrong and sad and bad. All the news on the telly, the papers, online. Hospital waiting rooms. People

I've had a bad week. I've behaved horribly, I've been moody, sulky and surly. I've not been a happy girl, it all got too much.


No more news sites. Certainly not 5 to 6 hours daily of reading the news or hearing of it. I'm going to try and chill a bit. I'm going to spend more time looking at puppies and kittens, wear more colourful clothes, bake more cakes and biscuits and only look at happy, colourful and positive things. I'll stop assuming the worst immediately. I'll stop self diagnosing horrible and scary illnesses. I'm going to try and think the best about people instead of being so judge-y all the time.

It'll get better again. And in less than two weeks we're away on holiday and I'm hoping for some sunshine, some 'Enid Blyton' themed tea parties with my sister and niece and some spontaneous bursting into song. Poor Lee.


  1. I know how you feel, I am such a negative person & I make myself feel so miserable sometimes! I have 2 lovely puppies here who always make me smile... and I'm baking tomorrow so that's a good start eh?! xx

  2. That's a very good start :) There's enough bad things going on, there's no need to keep on reminding yourself of it. I'm going to go stroke the cat :)

  3. hope things are much brighten up soon, new dawn new day :-)