Sunday, 15 May 2011


Eurovision snack board
Last night we sat, slumped in front of the telly watching Eurovision. We snacked and laughed, took a break to watch the Foo Fighters live on the other channel, then snacked and laughed some more during the voting bit. I think Lena should have won again. I liked Lena and her quirky song from last year.

Lee wouldn't let me gel his hair, Jeward style, otherwise I'd have better pictures!

And today has been spent loafing in the living room. I do like lazy days. And it rained and rained and was grey, so it wasn't even wasted. Not really.

Maybe we'll do better next weekend.


  1. I missed Eurovision, only really wanted to see Jedward so wsan't that bothered about the rest!! I'm from N.Ireland, live in NW England now tho ;) x

  2. Ha! You didn't miss much ;)