Thursday, 26 May 2011

Oh! Boohoo

Mother-in-law and I spent a goodly part of yesterday morning looking for a 'peter pan' collared dress. We looked everywhere in the town and found nothing. Dejected and (almost) defeated, I took a look online and found one! This afternoon it arrived. I'm soo heppy...

I had to try it on immediately. It needed an iron.* 
 It was only £12 on I think I've found a new favorite online shop.

*It's been done since. 


  1. Yay it is lovely!! Fab colour as well :) I have heard good things about Boohoo but have never actually looked properly x

  2. Thank you! I love it! Boohoo is really good, I was so surprised to see my package arrive so soon. You must look!

  3. Lovely dress and it looks lovely on you! :)