Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday drives

We had a choice to make and we're not the best couple for making decisions. We could go with Lee's folks and uncle Joe for lunch at Harry's in Cushendall, or we could have a quiet day by ourselves and lunch at the Spinning Mill in Ballymena. It was almost the Spinning Mill, until we were pulling out of the drive way, and then it turned to Cushendall and an afternoon with the family. 

It was a good choice.

The day was warm, if not just a bit (too) blustery. But in Cushendall, it was lovely. We ate at Harry's and finished the meal with ice-creams on the beach. Mother-in-law and I walked off ahead and sat on the rocks and sunned ourselves, chatting and watching the silly men jumping off the rocks into the water. It wasn't really hot enough to justify that.

And then we drove over to Carnlough. Back in 2008, my tour bus had stopped there for a break on the way to the causeway. It was the day after I'd met Lee and it was cold, grey and windy and I was by myself and feeling fairly sorry for myself too. This time, the sun was shining and I wasn't alone. It makes a big difference to a place, some sunshine and company!
We had tea at the Londonderry Arms and read the newspapers with the big colourful pictures of Will and Kate and Westminster Abbey, and then when it was all finished, we came home. 

It's been such a good day...again. 

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