Sunday, 26 June 2011

Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival

Lee and I got the train to Belfast for the day. We love £6 all day train tickets.
The Titanic Maritime Festival was on. We had a pretty good time last year, and thought we'd give it a go again. The weather forecast got it wrong, but I'm not complaining, 'cos instead of 17 degrees and rainy, it was hot and dry. Yay!


We watched the pirates battle at sea with their cannons and their guns and swords. We drank cider in the sunshine and we met Aidan and sat in the Rockies in the Odyssey. 'twere a lovely day.


  1. Arrr, It sounds like you ad'a fine day. We headed down t' it on Saturday but we only made it t' it a bit later in t' day after goin' on t' Titanic bus tour. Did they have t' stunt planes sailing whilst you were thar? T' planes were grounded due t' bad weather whilst we were thar.

    P.S if this is illegible, blame the talk like a pirate day translator!

  2. Yeah it was fun. There was one stunt plane flying over the Odyssey while I queued for Japanese noodles :) I'm sorry that you got bad weather for it!

    The Titanic museum is looking really good, I'm looking forward to that opening up! How was the Titanic bus tour?

  3. Cool, those fair weather pilots and their safety shmafety. Maybe some pirate persuasion helped them get off the ground for you :)

    We were thinking the same, it really is looking good around the Titanic Quarter. My wife and I both have some posts lined up about that one (not to give anything away but I think we were both really impressed by it), hopefully we'll have them posted in the next couple of days.

  4. We were really impressed by the Titanic Quarter too. We were looking at those cool apartments with the big balconies and thinking how nice it'd be to have one of those!

    I'll look forward to seeing both your posts about it :)

  5. :D I loved the pictures!