Friday, 3 June 2011

birthdays, I've had a few...

The night before last , we're getting ready for bed and Lee cracks another '30' themed joke. Me: 'these jokes are getting old fast'. Lee: 'yes love, just like you'.


In the morning we went down the stairs so I could open up the beeg box from Yvonne. It was filled with baking goodies, tea towels, a big mixing bowl, cup cake holders, and some nice smelly bath products and another George Orwell book. Thank you my sister!

The kitchen was all decorated, a big banner and sparkly party table decorations, as well as my prettily wrapped presents on the table. The dogs and cat got me a lovely big box of Thornton chocolates, I got a pair of red trousers, some pretty things for my hair...and a new netbook! Poor netty had been getting very noisy and rattly, and it wasn't going to be long until she died completely. But I type this now on my new shiny black and red HP netbook. Yippee!!
Dominos birthday pizza!
Birthday cake!

 Even the weather cooperated and it was so sunny and hot!
Netty ii
The family all came round later for cake and bubbly and by ten o'clock I was all partied out and ready for a bath and bed. 

But then I am getting on in years.

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