Thursday, 23 June 2011

A bit o' Toronto

Arend dropped us off at Kipling station nearby his work and we hopped on the train for down town Toronto. It was HOT when we got there, and our first stop was the 3 Brewers on Yonge Street. It's a restaurant and micro brewery and it had come recommended by trip advisor.
The food was only meh, but the beer was amazing!!
We got a street car over towards Dundas Street West. Two minutes in to the drive and the driver stops and gets out. There must have been ten of us on that street car and everyone just started to panic and go mental, shouting, making tearful panicked phone calls, running up and down. The man next to me looked worried and asked what was happening...I just assumed he'd stopped for a slushie/snow cone (since we'd stopped next to a van). The driver gets back on and everyone calms right down again like nothing ever happened. Strange.
The CN Tower (of terror) and outside Union Station. We didn't go up the CN Tower. Lee's not good with heights, I don't particularly like them much myself...and $28 each to go up? Ha! We're saving for a house...
So we got to Dundas St West and dropped off our bags where we were staying and headed out again. It was hot. Really really hot and the news told us later that it was the hottest 8th of June on record for Toronto, ever. I can believe that. So we spent a good amount of our first day sitting in an air-conditioned Irish bar drinking Canadian lager.
The Hockey Hall of Fame.
You always see these on the telly, we had to have a dodgy hot dog from a street vendor. We're hoping it wasn't dog.
St Lawrence Market. It's big and busy and lovely. Just tricky to maneuver around it with bags. 
Trains near the Railway Children theatre.

We spent our second day in the city exploring on foot. Everything was so damn expensive that we didn't go in to anywhere except to eat and drink, but we liked the city and enjoyed our time there. 


  1. Am loving all your travel entries - you seem to be having a fab time!! Toronto looks lovely, would love to go one day :)

  2. Thank you! We had a great time. You should go, it's a cool city :)

  3. Toronto looks fab and the Hockey Hall of Fame too! From your posts about the trip and the great photos it seems a brill place to visit even with the crazy degrees outside - to be honest I don't think if I do make it there I would see much more than the inside of the Hall of Fame and the inside of a police cell... as I'd probably get arrested trying to get my hands on the Stanley Cup :D

    Just curious but with the 6th picture down (of the tram) was the lady running to get on the tram or jumping backwards out of its way?

  4. Yeah, it's a pretty cool city, we enjoyed it there muchly. Hahaha, I'm sure you wouldn't be the first person to try and get their hands on the Stanley Cup :)

    I'm thinking the lady is running to get on the street car ;)