Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The day before thirty/The last day of twenty something.

One thing on the list of 'dont's' after thirty is wearing t-shirts with cute pictures/slogans. I suppose these aren't acceptable as of tomorrow then:
Old 'Mr Price' t-shirt from South Africa that has been sitting under a pile of other things I hardly wear anymore.
Little Miss Naughty t-shirt Yvonne gave me the last time I visited in S.A before they moved to Canada.
I'm excited about my birthday, even if I AM turning thirty, I'm as excited as if I were turning thirteen. I remember my thirteenth birthday. Sitting at the dining room table at breakfast, my parents gave me the Aerosmith 'Get a Grip' cassette and a gold friendship rings necklace. And I got to choose a friend to take out with us for dinner at the Huguenot in Glenvista. I didn't choose well, but anyway. Actually, I think that may have been my twelfth birthday. 

I got to go pick up this box at the post office yesterday. It was too big to go through the letter box. It's been tempting me ever since. I wonder what's in it?!!
Huge Amazon box from Yvonne!
I'm getting my hair done tonight. Most people find the hairdressers a pleasant experience, I find it terrifying. The chatting, the harsh light, the mirrors, hair dryers, the smell of hair...and at the end when they ask you if you're happy with your hair but you're too upset about your face to be concerned how your hair looks.

Wish me luck. At least my hairdresser is nice!

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