Monday, 20 June 2011

Medieval Times - Toronto

On our second Sunday in Canada we all took the 'GO' train to Toronto to Medieval Times. We got there early to get better seats and we got the second row, which was pretty good. We got our seats and table and waited for the show to start.

The hall was filled with fog as the knights and horses all paraded through and the story explained. We feasted on soup and chicken and the castle's pastry, and I'm afraid I spent too much time concentrating on my soup to find out why the prince was taken away bound and struggling.

The show was filled with horses and knights, sword fights and jousting and a sighing princess. She got better after her husband the prince was released and came home. Her sighs became happy ones.

It was a fun day out with the family and the looks on the kids faces were so sweet, filled with excitement.


  1. Ha! I love that you visited Medieval Times. Too funny. I actually ride horses in one of the buildings right nearby.

  2. It was fun! It would have been better if we'd dressed up though. Ha, that's crazy, we could have bumped in to each other!