Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Niagara Falls

After two days in Niagara on the Lake, we checked out and drove over towards Niagara and it's Falls. We stopped off along the way to see the whirlpool and the cable car that takes you across to the other side.
And then we posed for the obligatory photos in front of the Falls:
 The Canadians definitely got the better deal when it comes to the falls...the American side is only so-so:
The Koerts came to join us and together we queued up for Maid of the Mist tickets. We were given our raincoats and boarded the boat.
It's amazing. It's windy and wet and the spray keeps hitting you in the face, but it's totally worth it. I'd do it again.
After the boat ride, we chucked our raincoats (prematurely it turned out) and found some place to have our lunch. We said good bye to the family, parted, and then got soaked from the falls spray on the way back to the car. Those ponchos would have been very handy. We spent the next hour or so taking a looksee at the town, which turned out to be pretty cool really. In a tacky cheesy touristy way.


  1. WOW, stunning photos. I've always wanted to visit Niagara Falls, its on the list! ;-)

  2. It looks amazing. So totally jealous! :)

  3. Thanks Sy, I can recommend it!

    It was amazing Supergreensunbear :)