Tuesday, 21 June 2011


We spent two nights in NOTL, a very pretty touristy little town just down the road from Niagara Falls. There're flowers everywhere in NOTL, horse drawn carriages showing tourists around the city and wine stores and cafes all over the place. Lee loved it because it's wine country!
We stopped in at Shaw's Cafe and Wine Bar for some cheese and biscuits and some wine.
One of the many vineyards in NOTL - Konzelmann. We took a bottle for our dinner at Zee's Grill. Bring your own and free corkage Tuesdays are brilliant :)
We sat out by this little beach to drink some wine out of the plastic cups from our hotel bathroom. We weren't sure about Canadian drinking laws, so we tried not to be seen. A lady walking her dog stopped to chat to us, she was joined by a man also walking by, he stopped to chat too. 'Is that red wine you're drinking? You'll go to jail for that, stupid law...oh, and I suppose you thought you'd found a nice secluded spot? Well, see that over the river, that's the American coast guard, they're probably watching you with their big cameras right now.'

Mango sorbet on a hot day
Zee's Grill
We loved Niagara on the Lake and the highlight was our wine tasting tour and meal, which I shall blog about once I have the rest of the photos from Lee...

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