Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Niagara Vintage Wine Tour

Another highlight of our holiday was the Vintage Wine Tour Lee had booked us on. Dan from Vintage came and picked us up from our hotel in his lovely air-conditioned Mercedes and then he picked up another couple who were going to be on the tour with us. Dan was very friendly and chatty and made us feel really comfortable. We liked Dan.
Our first stop was Pondview. We got a tour, were showed the vines and then got to sample some of their wares :) Pondview's Icewine was my favorite out of all the others. Their merlot was pretty darn good too!
Pondview Icewine
The shop and cellar at Pondview
Wine tasting at Pondview
Our next stop was Pillitteri. Dan handed us over to Michelle(?) who was also lovely. She explained all about icewines and their vines and took us down to their very impressive cellars.
We were told all about the barrels and their different 'toasts'. Toast started sounding really good at that point.
We tasted more wines at Pillitteri, and then Dan drove us on to Pellar Estates, the last of the vineyards. We tasted more there, but by then I was starting to feel a bit light headed and couldn't appreciate the wine quite so much any more. I was more than ready for dinner.  
Lee and Dan outside Pellar Estates.
Once the tour was over, we were driven to the Riverbend Hotel where we all had a dinner reservation. Our waiter brought out enormous glasses of their wine for our starter, and then again for our mains. I couldn't drink any more and Lee had to finish most of my wine. The food was amazing, the whole day was. Dan dropped us off at the Old Angel Inn in Niagara on the Lake after our meal so we could end off the day properly. And it turned out a good end to a great day.


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