Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Saving Grace

The first morning in Toronto and Lee found this place on the internet, apparently 'the best brunch in Toronto' and allegedly a local breakfast spot of Feist. We almost walked right past it as this was the only sign they had:
It looks like nothing on the outside...actually, it's not much on the inside either, but it's cool and quirky and I loved it. I even loved the scary, skinny and tattooed waitress who gave off the strongest 'cool' vibes.
Inside of Saving Grace
Polenta, caramelized apples and walnut with maple syrup. This breakfast reminded me of Taystee Wheat. I loved Taystee Wheat as a child. You can't get it here...and I miss it. This polenta was drenched in maple syrup and sweet apples. It was wonderful.
Pretty tea things at Saving Grace.
Rajastani eggs. Lee's breakfast. Spicy eggs and chickpeas. He said it was amazing.

So obviously, we ate there again the next morning. We both had the french toast with maple syrup and bananas. Lee couldn't eat maple syrup again for the rest of the holiday...

Aaah, I want a Saving Grace in Northern Ireland.


  1. It's such fun seeing these places through fresh eyes. It's too easy to take all of Toronto's nooks & crannies for granted when you see them day in and day out! I dream of riding horses in Ireland one day and I'll be sure to blog about it when I do :)

  2. I'll look forward to reading about that! And when you're here, you'll have to let me know, and we can show you around!