Monday, 20 June 2011

A visit with family (Canada part 1)

We arrived in Toronto after an uneventful flight. Arend picked us up from Toronto's Pearsons and took us home. The Koerts live in the pretty and green Burlington, and when the car pulled up we were greeted with chalk welcomes on the driveway and the rest of the family sitting out the front.
Our room was ready for us and we did a half hearted unpack, and flopped onto the couch to drink our tea and have a quick catch up chat before bed. We found this note pegged to the curtain :)
 Yvonne and Lee waiting for the bus to the supermarket. 
Arend and Yvonne at the Queens Head in Burlington. The Canadians don't do pubs like the Brits do, but Burlington has a few English type bars. We visited them :)
The kids going for a ride in the park just down the road. Their house is surrounded by parks, football and baseball pitches and the community centre and library. Burlington is pretty.
Ashley with her new camera
The big bridge in to Burlington
We all took the bus to down town Burlington and walked along the lake shore. Lake Ontario is massive.

 Lake Ontario shore and down town Burlington
 Lee drinking Canadian beer 
 Koerts looking in to Lake Ontario
A braai in the Koerts backyard. We do like a good braai. There was lots of burgers and boerewors (woelewors) and a chicken flattie...South African baked beans (Koo's the best you can do) and Flings from the S.A shop in Oakville.
Being silly with Canadian flags. We bought some Canadian Day flags from Dollarama to be patriotic while waving and singing (our version of) the Canadian national anthem. Oh Canada...

We were away for two weeks and I probably took a thousand photos. There's too much to blog about, so I've just broken up the holiday into a few categories and I'll cover everything or most of it in them.

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